Welcome to Airborne Allergy Action.

We are mums and long term asthmatics raising awareness of the benefits of effective airborne (inhalant) allergen avoidance for allergies to dust mites, mould, tree/grass pollen, cat/dog dander (alongside prescribed medication). These methods have been shown to reduce asthma and other allergic illness. We also raise awareness of the presence of these allergens in public places such as schools, hotels etc where children, in particular, spend large amounts of time.  We encourage these establishments to use appropriate cleaning methods to remove these allergens.

The UK has the highest rate of asthma in the world according to 2016 study and the 3rd highest rate of allergic rhinitis.

We are concerned that whilst much childhood asthma is allergic, deriving primarily from inhalant allergens, the asthma/allergy connection is not routinely discussed with UK parents. There is also no routine allergy testing for asthmatic children in the UK. 

Our experience in GPs surgeries, hospitals and through advisory bodies, is that advice and treatment focus almost exclusively on medication not on prevention.  Clearly, medication is essential and life-saving but we believe prevention information is also life-saving and life-changing.

“Medication is not the only way to control asthma. It is also important to avoid asthma triggers – stimuli that irritate and inflame the airways. With medical support, each asthma patient must learn what triggers he or she should avoid.” 

WHO factsheet 307 May 2011