Does your child have asthma, experience breathing problems or have a persistent cough?

 Airborne Allergy Action raises awareness of how effective airborne allergen avoidance (dust mites, mould, tree & grass pollen, pets etc) and other improvements in indoor air quality in homes and schools can help reduce symptoms of asthma, rhinitis and other allergic/non allergic illnesses alongside any prescribed medication. 



Did you know?


Approximately 70% of asthmatics are allergic to dust mites (their faeces). Many are also allergic to dust, mould, tree pollen (particularly silver birch, hazel and alder), grass pollen and pets.

After infancy most childhood asthma is caused by colds and allergens*

*(American Academy of Asthma Allergy & Immunology website)

By learning what your child’s allergic triggers are (by skin prick or blood test) and systematically avoiding them in your house and their school, your child’s asthma may improve significantly.

Disclaimer: Always take your prescribed medication as it is not possible to avoid all allergic and non allergic triggers all the time.